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An essential part of the marketing mix continues to be direct mail. Whether it’s part of a lead generation campaign, promotional blitz or an effort to increase traffic. Mormark Group of Companies has the technology to keep you connected with your customers.

Our mailing services include database management, address accuracy and correction, file sortation, addressing, and processing. We do the work so you get the lowest postage rates possible for your mailing!

With our expertise in variable data and 1:1 personalization, we can also achieve powerful, effective direct mail campaigns, by personalizing text and images that speak to your customers on an individual level.


1:1 marketing is a simple, powerful concept. When you engage with your clients at a personalized level, your message can speak volumes and translate into sales. Mormark Group of Companies has mastered the technology behind 1:1 marketing and can work with you to design and execute high impact marketing campaigns – whether it be a targeted customer loyalty campaign, client acquisition campaign or brand awareness exercise.

The scope of Mormark Group of Companies 1:1 communication services also includes database management, as well as the creation, production, and distribution of highly targeted and other direct mail pieces through the use of variable data printing.


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